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User research

UX Design • 2019

The client for whom we have worked is part of the historical French insurance companies. His name cannot be mentioned for confidentiality reasons. I supported in collaboration with Julienne Michel (UX designer) and Gildas Français (Artistic Director) this company for 4 months for an user research project to understand the end users. The final objective was to create personae and Xmap to internal purpose as a communication tool, to design user-centric services and tools.


This entity's pricing offers are competitive on the market. However, their significant delay in terms of digitization and their inability to offer services in line with their customers are no longer enough to convince. The notion of service therefore becomes a strategic axis.


1. Ownership : Analysis of statistical documents and interviews with 14 internal stakeholders to learn about the current state of their vision of users.

2. Understanding: We interviewed 17 end-users with varied and representative profiles depending on the contracts signed.

3. Analysis: Mapping of interviews for personae creation and map experiences. In this project, the extraction of verbatims was important to support the audit of previous interviews conducted.

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