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CA Next Bank

Conversational design

UX/UI Design • 2018

CA next bank is the Swiss entity of the French bank called Crédit Agricole. The objective was to reduce the flow of interactions from clients with call centers thanks a chatbot. It conducted to the development of a « Click bot » to respond to the frequently asked questions.

*Click Bot : Suggestions are pushed and the user is not able to write any words. It replys to its pre-clicked requieries.



The CA next bank call center specialists are overwhelmed and cannot answer all demands. Questions are frequently the same.


I made two workshop to elaborate the bot with all the stakeholders of CA Next Bank. The design thinking was processed with communication, marketing department, product owners and IT.

1. Decision tree

The workshop goal was to create a decision tree. I first created a draft with the CA Next Bank documents. Then, all the stakeholders had a look on my draft to overlook, expand it and finally meet customer expectations. The bot should respond to more than 80% of the questions. Specific answers will be edited by the call center.

2. Bot personality

Aarron Walter books « Designing for Emotion » inspired the global organization of the workshop. During it, a canvas was fulfilled by team, some example of responses were established which really helped the copywriter to design all the bot responses. The bot has finally been associated to famous people language style such as “Alfred” and “Laurent Delahousse”.

3. Interface

Anonymous client

User research

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