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Disneyland Paris

Website redesign

UX Design • 2018

This project was a competition for my last year of study. The idea was to design the new website of Disneyland Paris and to improve the digital global experience.

The team was composed of Lucie Pouderoux (UX), Endza dzerbajdjan (UX), Claire Bartoux (Artistic Director), Benoit Delbique (Artistic Director) and myself. We won the competition with our proposition.


A gap has been observed between the experience of the users on the field and the one on the website. Disneyland has a magical print which should be translated to the digital experience on the website. It needs to be immersive to meet consumer expectations! How to translate it to favour conversion rate ?


The timeline was short. The objective had to be not only quick but also translate Disneyland Paris environment with qualitative content. My team and I did a workshop during one day with all the team. It allowed us to analyze the actual website, find new ideas and think about the creative strategy we would implement. The second day, we divided the team in two. One dedicated to UX and another to Artistic Strategy.

The UX team, in wich I was embedded, worked on questions to interviews contacts who already visited Disneyland Paris. Then, a benchmarck was edited about the purchase tunel. We finally did wireframes that gathered all the ideas and solutions to respond new digital website objectives.

On the other hand, the artistic direction team worked on the Webdesign part and the motion design to get a more immersive rendering. As the teamiline was tight, it challenged the team to deliver qualitative content.

Motion design

The white paper

Co-writer and illustrator

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